Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Gamer's Manifesto

A Gamer's Manifesto

Pointless Waste of has published 'A Gamer's Manifesto' - '20 things gamers want from the seventh generation of game consoles'. Excerpts:

  • "Wal-Mart. The largest game seller in the world simply won't stock games with the "AO" rating. Period. So those games won't sell and developers won't make them. So until they invent new and varied and Wal-Martless ways to sell the games, we're stuck with the AO games found only in our fantasies."
  • "Developers will be shocked one day when they notice that the world is full of women. It's true! More than half of your potential customer base are penisless. They have money. They like doing fun things. And yet, how do you think they feel when they play a game where the heroine looks like this [image]. Yeah, that's what she wears into battle. Thong-length kimono, no bra for those flopping DDD breasts."

Coincidentally, one of the points was raised recently in a comment at Walker Spaight's new 'Walkerings' blog. Excerpt from point 9 of 'A Gamer's Manifesto':

  • "Immersion means soothing to sleep the part of our brain that remembers we're not intergalactic bounty hunters or world-class athletes. And that part of us is rudely jostled awake when our snowboarder bounces off an invisible wall in midair because he strayed from the race area."


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